XT660R Heaven

XT660R Heaven
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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

California - The Lost Coast

We had a steady ride down to Eureka this morning to get brake pads for both mine & Geoff's bikes, the current versions are almost metal on metal with the discs! No luck though, both the Yamaha & KTM dealers were out of that type of pad. hey ho, keep riding south & use the brakes less!!

Once out of Eureka we turned off the 101 & headed into Ferndale, a lovely little Victorian town with some fab buildings & most importantly the find of the day, Poppa Joes cafe... now this is how all caf├ęs should be!

Fab breakfast, great coffee, full of local characters, ace place...

Once we'd ate our fill we set off heading onto the Mattole Road, which is a bit of a classic ride for this area, it sweeps through several valleys & drops you onto the Pacific Coast for a few miles before climbing back into the hills near Petrolia, which was apparently founded as this was the first place oil was found in the States. Nowadays it's a sleepy hollow, with beautiful scenery everywhere.

We climbed over a pass & dropped to the Humbolt Redwood Forest to camp at the Albee Creek campground which has a regular visiting schedule from the local black bear population to munch on the apple trees in the nearby pasture, needless to say everything goes into a bear proof box whilst camping here!!!

It finally got warm & sunny today too, so all the layers came off on our last bit of the ride... another cool day to be on a motorbike!!

Our evening finished with a ride through the Avenue of the Giants, a little bit of road just off the 101, which has some of the oldest & biggest trees in this area, wow!! a bit of dinner at the Eternal Tree cafe in Redcrest & back down the Avenue to get back to camp & the bottle of JD!!

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