XT660R Heaven

XT660R Heaven
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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Oregon - The last bit to the sea...

We're there, Port Orford, the wee little town on the west coast of Oregon. All four of us in one piece, the bikes a bit bashed & scarred but still running!! An easy day of riding, some great tarmac roads, a massive descent into a valley, two punctures & a fish lunch... happy days!!

The Brits have arrived!

Well done to Kevin & Brian too...

The bikes at the beach!

All four of us in one piece...

Griff's Fish Restaurant right on the seafront!!
We left the shithole motel in Sunny Valley really early this morning, headed back to Glendale & had breakfast at the Cow Creek Cafe, with a right nice bunch of people & loads of coffee as it was only 6am by the time we got there. Once replete we heading back to the TAT, only to find a lumber yard had been built over the first section, so another detour ensued to find it again. From then on in we never left it for the rest of the day until we got into Port Orford. It took us over several hills, wound along various valleys & over some ace windy tarmac lanes that the bikes just handled beautifully. It was almost a shame when we had to slow down & get back onto the gravel roads!!

West Fork, an old gold mining spot.

Looking up our next valley...
The final descent back to a tarmac road was about 30 minutes straight down, this jarred our wrists & elbows as it was pretty rocky & twisty all the way down. Once at the  bottom, there was the Elk River, with some beautiful pools full of fish & some local art on the road! As we hit tarmac, Geoff noticed he had a puncture, so we blew it up, hoping it would last to the sea, but it only lasted about a mile, so a new tube was needed. We had to find plenty of logs to get the bike jacked up, but once it was it was only 15 minutes to get it changed.

What stick my finger here??

So we headed on down to the 101 & followed it into Port Orford & the well earned picture stop & coffee stop.

Next for us is a cruise down the Lost Coast with Kevin, (Brian has now headed to Portland to join his family), we plan on some easy riding, a visit to the Redwood forest, camping on the beach, a beer or two & hopefully more sunshine as we head to Oakland to drop the bikes off for shipping back to the UK.

Happy Days...

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