XT660R Heaven

XT660R Heaven
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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Nevada - the easy bit...

Nice & steady ride this morning, fast trail & easy passes all made for an early finish!!
We set off late from Eureka this morning, a quick top up of fuel after a nice breakfast in the local saloon then hit the road. Geoff followed his morning routine of missing the first junction & after we got back on the trail Kevin took over the nav, although not for long as Brian was soon hoofing it on out front showing both how quick his KTM is & how good a rider he is!!

This is part of the old Pony Express trail...

Huge open spaces here...

The trail wasn't ever difficult today, we covered 118 miles in 4 hours going over a couple of 6000ft passes. There were no real navigation issues, (Sometimes Sam's GPS line ran off to one side of a gravel lane which took a bit of looking at to get our head around it).

Geoff's bike has a small oil leak in the alternator cover where a rock has dented both the bash plate & the cover, that must have hit hard!!! Brian had tube of metal repair guey stuff which Geoff wacked on as a temporary repair for now.

We've also got fairly knackered tyres now, so the only answer seems to be order some online & get them delivered to a hotel after this holiday weekend is done.

So now we're settled in to a motel in Battle Mountain, a strange sprawling mining town, in the middle of nowhere surrounded by mountains.

It's the 4th July today so there are parties all over the place, Battle has a music festival, Eureka has a fireworks display... should be noisy tonight... but there are no places open to get food, so it's a liquid dinner & a bag of spicy Doritos!!

Tomorrow is a longer day with some tougher sections & a couple of bail outs if the trail gets washed out too much, we'll see

have fun all

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