XT660R Heaven

XT660R Heaven
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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Arkansas - White Mountain Trail + Rainstorms

We left Eureka late this morning, around 09.45, mainly because we were gossiping about bike stuff with the Doof guys.. Thanks to all of you for the hospitality & giggles...

After following HW 23 back towards the TAT, we really let rip on the bends, having great fun, I had to keep stopping to blow up my front tyre, but we kept on going anyway. Once back on the TAT we turned off up onto the White Mountain trail, this would it's way up through some great forest tracks, nothing too technical but with stuff you had to keep your eye on.. I managed to get a few bits of film of Geoff leading the way so you can see the type of thing...

YouTube film Links here:
Entrance to White Mountain

The riding was pretty good, but it suddenly got better just before Mountainburg, where it became proper single track mud lanes with great little rocky steps, unfortunately the GoPro battery had died at this point so we got no films or photos to show you all though. Hey ho...

I had a moment where I took flying lessons over the handlebars, thinking the GoPro was filming I was riding close behind Geoff as he went through the muddy bits, he had a wobble & a stall in some mud & I had to brake hard to avoid him, my front wheel tucked & flying I went... real shame the GoPro wasn't filming it was a fab crash, roll, ouch... moment! All was good though, the soft mud cushioned the fall for both me & the bike!

We dropped out into Mountainburg itself & decided to replace the inner tube on my bike as it was becoming a pain now. So stopping in an old abandoned garage we found the perfect blocks to lift the bike onto & sort it, we also came across our first TAT riders of the trip. Two youngish US lads on KLR650's. Both on road type tyres too, so they had some fun in the mud. They plan to go all the way through so we shall maybe bump into them again somewhere.

Once back on the road, we started to hear thunder, then see lightning, so we back tracked from the next section of off road route & headed back into town & down to the next town of Alma, a place 12 miles away, but with a motel there. As it was we got soaked anyway, the rain was a proper sideways almost zero visibility type, great stuff... something different...

So for tonight it's dry out, get some sleep & see what the morrow brings

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