XT660R Heaven

XT660R Heaven
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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Oklahoma, New Mexico & into Colorado

A long day with 300 miles covered, we're now sat in a motel in Trinidad, Colorado after eating more great Mexican food & drinking a beer or two!!

Geoff led the day, with plenty of straight bits as we neared the end of Oklahoma, there were a few parts of the trail that we were very glad were dry, if they had been like yesterday, there would have been no way we could have covered such a mileage in one day... but as it was we've managed to skirt around three storm clouds, avoid the rain & not find too much wet sand, what we did find were just tiny patches easily avoided.

We seemed to traverse colour schemes today too, the red dirt/sand of Oklahoma to the white desert of New Mexico back into the red soil of Colorado. New Mexico was brief, a mere 60m miles, but it was beautiful, it really reminded me of the plains in Eastern Africa, then as we neared Colorado the terrain changed again to deep valleys surrounded by sandstone topped hills, deep dry river beds & lots of scrub bushes. There was a section of hairpin bends that led upto a higher plateau area before crossing into Colorado, this was ace, nice & tricky but easy enough for big bikes, the views were ace from the top & we got to watch a storm tracking off to the SW of us, cracking off loads of lightning, very atmospheric!!

We've seen loads of Cotton Tailed Deer, a Jack Rabbit & plenty of the usual birds, horses etc. We've also seen some other TAT'ers today, 2 coming west to east & a guy who was riding a WR250X, the supermoto version... Mat lives in Portland, Oregon & was doing a round trip which started on May 11th, he has 9 days left to get home. He's gonna tag along with us tomorrow too so that'll be good.

By the time we arrived in Trinidad, we were ready to stop, it had been a good day again but long, the beers were very welcome.

We've taken a few GoPro clips today, so I'll upload them here, click on the links below to watch them.
Clip 1 - Sandy Lane in Oklahoma in the morning
Clip 2 - Zig Zags droping into a valley in New Mexico
Clip 3 - Good offroad zig zag climb just before entering Colorado