XT660R Heaven

XT660R Heaven
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Monday, 30 June 2014

Utah - White Rim Trail - Moab

Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

A day of blue skies, red rocks & a great trail...we set off at 6am this morning to avoid the heat, Geoff & Matt were not the brightest stars of the morning... but got up anyway with a grumble or two!!

37 miles from Moab you enter the Canyonlands NP, pay your $5 entrance fee, ride til the sun goes down or you run out of fuel... (There is a $1000+ breakdown call-out fee here apparently!!). We rode the trail clockwise & had a blast, Geoff & I fell off in the deep sand but as there was no luggage it was a doddle to pick the bikes back up, jump on & spin away whilst hanging on for grim death & praying the front wheel goes where you want it too!! It's a black art riding in sand, one neither of us have mastered as yet...

There is no shade, it gets hotter as you go round & the scenery is phenomenal, there are not enough words to convey the majesty of this place. After lots of ups, rounds, downs etc, you come to the Colorado River, people were floating down this in the sun, swimming every now & then, it looked bliss... That was when Kevin had a puncture, he had some kind of complicated inner tube system to protect against punctures but it didn't work, coupled with that & the Slime he had put in his tyre, it turned into a messy job, but still with a team effort it was still done in about 20 minutes or so, which was great as there was no shade what so ever, so everybody was melting!

The day finished with a blast back into Moab, a quick shower & off to the Moab Brewery for well earned beers & food, great day all round, a mere 150 miles but it packed in a hell of a lot, I would happily go ride that again...

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Oh & the Chicken came with us, he met Eco, Kevin's mascot & had a ball riding round the Rim with us... we also saw a company called Rim Tours... needless to say the various bad taste jokes came out to play!! :-)

Tomorrow is a jolly into Arches NP, then upto Green River for the evening to see where the TAT takes us next...

Happy days...

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