XT660R Heaven

XT660R Heaven
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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Day 1: US of A!!

So we finally arrived after a great but longish flight on the Icelandair planes, great seats, loads of space, no food however the menu for the bought stuff had some funny anecdotes on it & a couple of grumpy air hostesses but sunshine in Iceland, plenty of banter with all & sundry... easy life!

 Reykavit airport was a small place with fab toilets, they had Dyson taps on the sink, which had a hand dryer bit on the tap, airblade technology, very posh... plus all the great pics of birds on the walls... love it!!

Once in  the States, we cleared customs with smiley, polite & happy customs officials, ( That's a first for me when passing through the States previously, long queues & loads of people watching saw us through & onto a bus to the hire car place where another helpful guy sorted out the hire car for us. A Ford Focus, which Geoff tried to run off the road at least twice as he forgot about the extra bit of car on the right hand side & its an automatic that has no engine braking so he keeps forgetting to slow down at bends & approaching other vehicles on the really busy Washington to Baltimore motorway!!

We eventually found the Motel 6, which to be honest was a bit of a dump, loads of very dodgy looking people hanging around all over, smells of smoking in the room, but the women behind the desk were tough but cool & welcoming...

Starving, we headed out to a diner across the car park, Loafers, this turned out to have some big black guys on the door, who I mistook for people talking & smoking so as I walked past them they were ' oh, oh slow there, where you goin?' I had food on my brain, having not eaten since 1pm so wasn't in the best frame of mind to be stopped but they let us in where we walked into a bar of thumping rap music with an MC on the mike, the place was heaving with loads of folk, one of the few white girls in the place served us, very friendly again, we ordered beers, burger & a pizza & sat back to watch the sights...

Oh my there were some seriously HUGE people in the place, in skin tight dresses, legging & jogging pants for the guys, I mean 'Seriously HUGE' I have no idea how the clothing sizing works in the States at the moment but really how much fabric does one t-shirt take to make???

That said there were some truly beautiful looking women too, the guys were all gangster cool dudes, with their baseball caps & bling, it really was like in a film... bloody fab... neither of us felt threatened in any way, but we were definitely in the minority colour-wise, reminded me of where I spent my teenage years with a strong Indian & Caribbean community, vibrant & full of life.

We ate our food, drank the watery beer & headed off to the room for what turned out to be a disturbed sleep as various people left their rooms at all hours of the night, argueing, shouting, swearing etc... Oh Joy!! time to find another place to stay for Saturday plus do some exploring

Whilst packing up this morning to move on, Geoff found a present from his wife Jackie in his little rucsac so I thought I say a brief thanks for the entertainment value that provided us!! :-)

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